Landry Simmons Jr for Ohio Senate 2022

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Landry M. Simmons Jr

Landry M. Simmons Jr

Landry M. Simmons Jr was born in Bay Village, Ohio. Landry Simmons Jr is a highly decorated Law Enforcement officer. Over the course of 30 years, Landry has dedicated his life to preserving and promoting law and order. Landry Simmons Jr's experience as a law enforcement official and his daily interactions with the community ultimately led him into politics and to seek election.

Landry Simmons Jr is uniquely capable of bringing a brighter and positive future for all Ohioans. He has infinite knowledge of listening to the community and solving critical problems. This devotion will only continue as Landry seeks election as an Ohio State Senator. Aside from his ample experience in Law Enforcement, Landry Simmons Jr is also a disabled military veteran. In 2016 Landry M. Simmons Jr made his first political venture through seeking and achieving election as a member of the Cuyahoga County Party 11-B Committee. This small taste of political activism soon led Landry M. Simmons Jr to seriously consider and ultimately commit himself to an Ohio Senate campaign.

After years of activism and participation in the Cuyahoga County political and social landscape, Landry M. Simmons Jr is ready to represent the great people of this State of Ohio and district. Law and Order must be re-established as the primary path for individual success. Landry M. Simmons Jr will provide the best constituent services by working with local, state, and federal agencies. Our objective is to listen to your concerns and understand the challenges you face every day. Landry Simmons Jr as your state senator is to be your VOICE, ADVOCATE, RISK-TAKER, and NEGOTIATOR in the legislative process.

Landry M. Simmons Jr also supports Unions and Union Labor. Landry M. Simmons Jr states that Unions are the backbone of America, and every worker deserves a fair, equitable wage to support a family. Landry M. Simmons Jr has several Senate Bills that will be presented to the Ohio Senate when victorious in the upcoming election.

Landry Simmons Jr. is an advocate for Pro-Life and believes every life is a blessing.

Landry Simmons Jr for Ohio Senate 2022
Landry Simmons Jr for Ohio Senate 2022
William Polk Dobson

Fun Facts

Landry M. Simmons Jr ties to politics are not merely limited to activism. In addition to activism and working continually to better his community, Landry M. Simmons Jr is also a descendant of reverend and respected politicians. Landry M. Simmons Jr is the fourth great-grandson of William Polk Dobson, a North Carolina State Senator representing Surry County in 1818-1819, 1830-1834, 1836, and 1842. William Polk Dobson was the first cousin to US President (March 4th, 1845-March 4th, 1849) James Knox Polk.

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