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Landry M. Simmons Jr For US Congress District 11 Ohio 2024

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About Landry M. Simmons Jr

Born in Bay Village, Ohio, Landry Simmons Jr was a highly decorated Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Police Officer from 1992-1997 and then transitioned to the Cuyahoga County Sheriff Department as a Deputy Sheriff. Over the course of 30 years, Landry has dedicated his life to preserving and promoting law and order. Landry Simmons Jr's experience as a law enforcement official and his daily interactions with the community ultimately led him into politics and to seek election.


Key Points


The Fallen Officers Bill

Riot. Destroy or vandalize a business there will be no bond until in front of a judge, any protesting will be in a designated area 500 feet away from business, schools, and churches, participate in a riot from another state. No bond will be eligible for the defendant until he goes in front of a judge, participate in a riot and get convicted forfeit state benefits and employment. Any law enforcement official (as described per Section 2901.01-ORC) that is caused harm off duty, the employer or government agency will apply off duty assault as assaulted on-duty status. No bond will be eligible for the defendant until they go to a judge for the charges. Repealing OH HB8 (2901.10).

Made in America Bill

We will bring back manufacturing jobs to Ohio we will boost our workforce and add more products that are made from America [Ohio]

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Undocumented Foreign National Bill

To Protect Ohioans to dangerous effects of illegal immigration caused by the current federal government reckless open border policies. Protecting Ohio border by vetting undocumented foreign nationals that not applied for asylum all undocumented foreign nationals will be removed from the State of Ohio. Illegal immigrants with criminal records will be deported immediately

Protecting Our Children

Protecting Ohio schools from political progressive learning (indoctrinated curricula) and inheriting a traditional curriculum in line with standardized testing preparing students for graduation K-12 to puberty blockers for transgender and gender diverge youth will not be accessible and ban in the state of ohio, transgender treatment for minors will be permanently outlaw the muteilation of minors.

"The legitimate object of government, is to do for a community of people, whatever they need to have done, but can not do, at all, or can not, so well do, for themselves- in their separate, and individual capacities."
-Abraham Lincoln, Speeches in Writings (1832-1858)

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