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Landry M. Simmons Jr For Ohio Senate 2022

Landry Simmons Jr for Ohio Senate 2022

About Landry M. Simmons Jr

Born in Bay Village, Ohio, Landry Simmons Jr was a highly decorated Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Police Officer from 1992-1997 and then transitioned to the Cuyahoga County Sheriff Department as a Deputy Sheriff. Over the course of 30 years, Landry has dedicated his life to preserving and promoting law and order. Landry Simmons Jr's experience as a law enforcement official and his daily interactions with the community ultimately led him into politics and to seek election.

Landry M. Simmons Jr

Key Points

 • Business and property tax relief for seniors

 • Suspending the US Federal Gas Tax

 • Committed to increase more mental health outreach centers

 • Committed for more funding for law enforcement officers & training

 • Protect parental rights in our school systems

 • Property and small business tax reform for all Ohioans

The Fallen Officers Bill

Riot. Destroy or vandalize a business there will be no bond until in front of a judge, any protesting will be in a designated area 500 feet away from business, schools, and churches, participate in a riot from another state. No bond will be eligible for the defendant until he goes in front of a judge, participate in a riot and get convicted forfeit state benefits and employment. Any law enforcement official (as described per Section 2901.01-ORC) that is caused harm off duty, the employer or government agency will apply off duty assault as assaulted on-duty status. No bond will be eligible for the defendant until they go to a judge for the charges. Repealing OH HB8 (2901.10).

The Covid Protection Act

No employer or Government agency shall terminate or discipline any worker (full-time, part-time, seasonal, or volunteer) who refuses or denies taking the Covid 19 vaccination. Covid -19 precaution mask(s) will be to the right of the parents in public or private schools K-12. Any restaurant or business cannot refuse any person patronizing if they are not vaccinated.

Landry M. Simmons Jr is also an advocate in fighting the opioid crisis, human trafficking, and the increasing crime we face as Ohioans. Fighting crime, protecting our communities. Empowering victims. The proactive approach to fighting dangerous criminals and providing justice to victims is Landry Simmons Jr's most important commitment. We will always stand strong for our law enforcement officers, ensuring they have the resources needed to keep Ohio safe and secure.

Fossil Fuel Relief Act

Ohio Senate Bill would temporarily suspend the US Federal gas tax, provide families economic relief from high gas prices for two years saving 32 cents per gallon. Ohioans are paying enormous gas prices we have seen in recent years which is causing financial hardships. This Ohio Senate Bill is about making sure that Ohians get economic relief at the gas pump.

Protecting Our Children

Protecting Ohio schools from political progressive learning (indoctrinated curricula) and inheriting a traditional curriculum in line with standardized testing preparing students for graduation K-12.