About Landry Simmons Jr.

Landry Simmons Jr was elected 11B Committeeman in 2017 and a decorated law enforcement official who has served over 25 years as a Cuyahoga County Deputy Sheriff.

Supporting local unions, empowering minority businesses, rebuilding neighborhoods and communities, expanding Cleveland International Airport, brining tourism to Cleveland, and economic development of brining major businesses to Cleveland. Increase the population of Cleveland. Promoting Diversity and Unification.

Landry Simmons Jr. worked as a Cuyahoga Metropolitan Police Officer from 1992-1997. As a CMHA police officer, Simmons was part of the CMHA Community Police Program which created safety and youth development programs, specifically intended for CMHA residents. With Simmons’ positive, effective community policing, the crime rate reduced by 30% for the community.

Landry Simmons Jr.’s experience as a law enforcement Official and his daily interactions with the people of Cleveland are what ultimately led him to seek election as Mayor. By having such an infinite knowledge of the Cleveland streets, Landry Simmons Jr. is uniquely capable of bringing a brighter future to all of Cleveland’s proud residents.

In recent years, Landry Simmons Jr. made his first political venture through seeking and achieving election on Tuesday March 15th, 2016 as a member of the Cuyahoga County Republican Party 11B Committee. This small taste of political activism soon led Landry Simmons Jr. to seriously consider and ultimately commit himself to a Mayoral campaign.

Aside from his ample experience in law enforcement, Landry Simmons Jr. also earned his Bachelor degree at Capital University in Columbus, Ohio. Landry Simmons Jr. is also a military veteran who has dedicated his life and entire self to the protection of the public good. This devotion will only continue as he seeks election as Cleveland’s Mayor in the 2021 election.

After years of activism and participation in Cleveland’s political and social landscapes, Landry Simmons Jr. is finally ready to represent the people of this great city. He seeks to expand the numerous safety programs he ran during his tenure in law enforcement. Law and order must be re-established as the primary path for individual success in the city of Cleveland. Unfortunately, the criminal lifestyle has become the new normal for Cleveland in recent years. However, through a community-based campaign which emphasizes law, order, and individual advancement. This creates better opportunities for minority businesses to grow. In addition, Simmons supports local unions for workers to receive fair and acceptable wages to care for their homes and families. Landry Simmons Jr. looks forward to promoting a brighter future for all of Cleveland’s residents.


U.S. Military Officer Graduation School


Community Planning and Development

Landry Simmons Jr.’s ties to politics are not merely limited to activism. In addition to activism and working to better the community of Cleveland, Landry Simmons Jr. is also a descendant of revered and respected politicians.

Safe Streets. Strong Economy. Smart Schools. It all starts with Landry Simmons Jr.

Safe Streets

Reopen the Police Athletic League to provide a safe, positive, recreational environment for children through athletics.

Proactive on crime and keeping the community safe while building trusting relationships between police and residents.

Reopen the mini-stations

Cleveland Police adapting policies and procedures to better perform their duties effectively without damaging community relationships with the residents.

Allocate funding in order to create programs that allow youths to develop opportunities outside of becoming involved with crime such as youth summits and career skills development.

Strong Economy

Recruit businesses to the city of Cleveland and offer incentives such as a tax abatement.

Create the city to be a dynamic tourist destination.

Rejuvenate abandoned buildings into corporations by offering incentives.

Demolish abandoned homes in Cleveland to create new affordable housing for the community with low-interest loans to bring the city of Cleveland a tax base.

Placing major businesses throughout Cleveland’s many east and west neighborhoods to circulate income throughout the city.

Smarter Schools

Review curriculum to adapt to the community, such as credit and money management, African-American and Latino-American history.

Create a safe and positive environment for students to learn effectively.

Improve student and teacher relations.

In The Community

Great lunch with Retired Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke

Providing community response, support and resolution to ensure safety.