Safe Streets. Strong Economy. Smart Schools.

It all starts with Landry Simmons Jr.

About Landry Simmons Jr.

Landry Simmons Jr was elected 11B Committeeman in 2017 and a decorated law enforcement official who has served over 25 years as a Cuyahoga County Deputy Sheriff.

Supporting local unions, empowering minority businesses, rebuilding neighborhoods and communities, expanding Cleveland International Airport, brining tourism to Cleveland, and economic development of brining major businesses to Cleveland. Increase the population of Cleveland. Promoting Diversity and Unification.

Landry Simmons Jr.’s experience as a Law Enforcement Official and his daily interactions with the people of Cleveland are what ultimately led him to seek election as Mayor. By having such an infinite knowledge of the Cleveland streets, Landry Simmons Jr. is uniquely capable of bringing a brighter future to all of Cleveland’s proud residents.

In recent years, Landry Simmons Jr. made his first political venture through seeking and achieving election on Tuesday March 15th, 2016 as a member of the Cuyahoga County Republican Party 11B Committee. This small taste of political activism soon led Landry Simmons Jr. to seriously consider and ultimately commit himself to a Mayoral campaign.

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With Ohio Governor Mike DeWine

With Candace Owens

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With Secretary of State of Ohio Frank LaRose



Simmons International Consultants

Simmons International Consultants is an International consulting firm that assist Foreign Companies in import/export, marketing and trade. Assist Foreign Companies in Foreign Real Estate sale and Development. Assist Foreign Countries in Economic Development through Private Investment.

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Fun Facts

  • Landry Simmons Jr 4th great grandfather was William Polk Dobson a Senator from North Carolina representing Surry County in the state senate in Raleigh in 1818-1819, 1927, 1830-1834, and 1842.
  • William Polk was the first cousin to James Knox Polk the 11th U.S President from March 4th,1845-March 4th,1849